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All New Ford Ranger

The Next Generation Ranger.

Strategically placed cameras. Ultrasonic sensors. Sophisticated radar. The RANGER utilises them all to help keep you safer and in control. Adaptive Cruise Control scans the road ahead and adjusts to the flow of traffic. Simply set your cruising speed. Your RANGER slows down when traffic does, and returns to your preset speed when traffic clears. Stick to the speed limit with the Adjustable Speed Limiter. Set a maximum speed, and the system ensures you don’t exceed it. Need to overtake a slow vehicle? Override the system by pressing the accelerator to the floor. If your RANGER detects a possible collision, the Collision Warning Alert lets out a chime, flashes a heads-up display on the windscreen, and preloads the brakes for enhanced stopping power.

Offer Details

Monthly installment of R6 699 over 48 months
Linked interest rate starting at 6.70%
Deposit 0.00% Balloon 0.00%
Guaranteed future value 254 595

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