We may employ cookies and other technologies, like web beacons, when you visit our website. Cookies are small text files that help us identify repeat visitors, streamline your access to our website, and track your browsing behavior to compile aggregate data that enhances our website’s functionality and content. Web beacons, or clear image files, track your movements on our website, such as saving your preferences for future visits.

Cookies enable us to:

Customize our website to your personal needs: Cookies remember your settings and preferences, tailoring content and features specifically to you.

Prevent showing the same notifications repeatedly: By tracking which notifications have been displayed, cookies ensure you aren’t shown redundant information.

Help you locate information after logging in: Cookies assist in linking your browsing sessions, making it easier to navigate and find information.

Connect your browsing habits to your personal details: This helps, for example, when registering for a service, linking your browsing data to your account.

Improve and update our website: Cookies provide insights into how you use our website, guiding us to make changes and enhancements based on your behavior.

We generally do not use cookies to identify you personally.

Types of Cookies

Necessary cookies: These cookies allow you to use our website’s features, such as secure areas, enabling core functionality. Without them, some features may not work properly.

Performance cookies: These cookies collect information on how you use our website, such as which pages you visit frequently and any error messages, helping us to improve. The data collected is anonymous and doesn’t identify you personally.

Functionality cookies: These cookies give you a more personalized experience, remembering data like your username and language preference, making your future visits smoother. The information collected is anonymous and does not track your activity on other websites.

Targeting/advertising cookies: We and our service providers use these cookies to show ads relevant to your interests, customize ads and content, limit repeated ads, and measure ad effectiveness. This helps create a more engaging user experience.

Social media cookies: Our website uses third-party cookies from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to track users visiting our website through their tagging mechanisms. These cookies are also used for reporting and remarketing purposes. Any data collected complies with our privacy policy and that of the social media platforms.