KIA K 2500

KIA K 2500


The K2700 features a 5-speed manual transmission while the K2500 features a 6-speed manual transmission. Both these transmissions offer improved fuel efficiency and durability as well as smoother gear shifts and NVH performance, resulting in an enhanced ride and overall driving comfort.

Multifunctional centre console

For the organisation of small miscellaneous items. The front centre seat back folds down to reveal a multifunctional console for practical storage, in addition to a storage space within the centre console.

The K2700 Tipper is the standard workhorse with a reinforced load bed. Whatever your load, at some point it needs to be of oaded. The Tipper makes it easy to transport construction materials like sand, soil and stones, and then put them exactly where you want to

make yourself comfortable, your k2-series already is

A man needs room to work, and that’s true even before you get to work. No matter how big the job, the new K2700 and K2500 both have a spacious cabin that will never feel small. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for people of all shapes and sizes. More than that, we’ve also aimed to minimise driver fatigue by using extra thick cushions in the seat back and bottom of the driver’s seat. Additional comfort is provided by the full cloth seats and 3-step headrests. The ergonomic design of the crash pad and controls, the clear and informative LED gauge cluster, and intuitive layout of the centre console means that the hard work only starts when you leave the cabin.

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